Update on You’ve been Trumped

Dear Laurence


I just read your latest piece and as ever enjoyed it. I read it just after reading press coverage of the Milly Dowler trial. It made my mind tick over that bit faster…her ‘choice’ to go home a different way; was it all ‘meant to be’. Thanks as ever for the end of week thought.


You may remember I contacted you a month or two ago about the forthcoming film ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ and you were kind enough to feature this in the newsletter. Many thanks for that. Much appreciated.


I thought you would be interested in an update. At the time director Anthony Baxter was using a ‘crowd sourcing’ approach (through website indiegogo)  to raise the final $19,000 of production costs. The result in a few weeks was that he raised just over $20000 from people (most of them complete strangers to Anthony) from all over the world supporting the project; a fascinating way to raise funds for films. At the same time he clocked up 50,000 youtube hits for the trailer within about 10 days.


The film went on to premiere at the Hot Docs (documentary) Festival in Toronto and screened 5 times (including a screening for schools) all of which sold out. That was followed by a UK premiere at Sheffield Documentary Film Festival two weeks ago, at which it won the Green Award for the best Environmental Documentary. Last week saw its Scottish premiere in Aberdeen. At the same time there has been a lot of press coverage in the Herald, Times, Scotsman and Channel 4 news amongst other places.


I went to the Aberdeen premiere and it was great to see the residents who feature in the film on the green carpet placed specially at the cinema. The film itself raised laughs, gasps, boos, applause and finally a standing ovation. Originally planned as a one-off screening, there has been such demand it screened the following day and has had 3 further screenings this weekend. A further twist in the story is that there appears to virtually be a news blackout by the local press in Aberdeen of the phenomenal interest in the film in the city, as they continue to present pro-Trump-development stories.


I don’t know you Laurence but my feeling from reading your material is that you would be interested in this film so this is also to let you know that it is screening in Edinburgh at 6.40pm on Thu July 14th at the Cameo along with Questions and Answers afterwards. It will screen at the Glasgow Film Theatre the night before 5.45pm Wed 13 July.


Further information http://www.youvebeentrumped.com/youvebeentrumped.com/LATEST_NEWS.html


The short trailer   http://www.indiegogo.com/TAKE-YOUVE-BEEN-TRUMPED-TO-TRUMP   gives a sense of the Trump v Film debate currently playing out


Kind regards


Mike Nicholson