The new guide to Social Accounting and Audit

The new guide to Social Accounting and Audit
Alan Kay, Social Audit Network

As many of you may know, the new Guide to Social Accounting and Audit is almost complete. The Guide takes account of the growing experience of social accounting and audit in recent years and includes reference to the range of frameworks and methods developed to help organisations explain and account for their performance and impact. 

It is a “roadmap” to the social accounting and audit process and has been written for social enterprises, social economy organisations and voluntary sector organisations that wish to regularly account and report on their social, economic and environmental performance and impact.  The Guide and companion CD is now available to pre-order and purchase in advance.  The Social Audit Network (SAN) is currently taking advance purchases for 10 or more copies of the new Guide at a reduced rate of £30.00 plus postage and packing. 

A leaflet is attached which provides more information and ordering details.  Your advanced payment will support SAN in the launch our new Guide, as we need to make sure that income is received in advance to cover the printing costs.  Should you have any queries on how this pre-ordering might work, please contact Alan Kay –

Download leaflet here