Survey for co-housing

Community Enterprise Limited is carrying out research on behalf of The Vivarium Trust to explore your views on how you would like to live as you grow older and to establish if there is a demand for a new and different way of living.

Survey for co-housing

What is Co-Housing?

Co-Housing means independent living within a small community. Members have their own individual homes but choose to live among a group of people with shared outlooks and interests.

What will there be in a Co-Housing development?

A typical Co-Housing development would probably have around 20-30 houses each fully equipped for independent living. There will also be shared facilities in the form of common rooms or a common house where members can meet and socialise. There could be shared equipment and facilities if people feel that is what they want..

Why haven’t I heard of Co-Housing?

Co-Housing is a different, innovative way of living. It started in Denmark in the 1970s and is well established there and in other countries around the world such as the Netherlands. Co-Housing is, however, new to the UK with only a handful of Co-Housing groups up and running.

Who would be attracted by Co-Housing?

Co-Housing is particularly suitable for the over 50s. It offers the safety and security of being among like-minded people who can give mutual support to one another. In this way members avoid isolation, while at the same time allowing privacy and independence for each individual.

Who runs Co-Housing?

Each Co-Housing development is managed by its members themselves. All members are fully involved in setting up and running the development. Members remain in control of their own lives. Co-Housing is not sheltered housing or a commune.

Could I afford it?

Co-Housing is affordable. It will be available to all people who are attracted by the idea of Co-Housing, not just those with capital. Running costs will be low, for example through the efficient use of energy and through sharing resources and facilities.