SE Restart and Rebuild

16th – 20th November

Throughout the COVID pandemic, social enterprises have proven to be both resilient and agile in responding to the needs of Scotland’s most vulnerable groups and communities. Much of this has been as a result of Scottish Government’s swift action to ensure that substantial resources were made available at the outset of the crisis. 

However, as we move from the Response phase – we want to build on the success of the SE Reset Week held in May 2020, and move on to focus on Restart and Rebuild.  SENScot and the SENs, in partnership with others, will be hosting a week-long series of events – to inform, inspire and connect social enterprises from across Scotland. 

The SE Reset Week provided a timely opportunity for SEs across the country to come together and contribute from a local and thematic perspective via virtual SEN meetings and discussions including virtual focus groups where SEs were able to identify and explore challenges, share ideas and opportunities in conversation with their peers. We will pick up on some of the key themes identified – Mental Health and Wellbeing; Collaboration and Peer Support – as well as exploring a range of other topics.