Next week – Wednesday 2nd September – sees CEIS host its annual SE Policy and Practice Conference. Due to obvious circumstances, the event will be taking place ‘remotely’ – and, understandably, the theme this year is very much focused on ‘recovery’. The Programme for the day has three linked themes: the Wellbeing Economy; Climate Crisis; and Community Wealth Building – with keynote speakers including Aileen Campbell (Cab Sec); Katherine Trebeck (Wellbeing Alliance); Joe Cullinane (North Ayrshire Council); Neil McInroy (CLES); Teresa Bray (Changeworks); and Josiah Lockhart (Firstport); amongst others.

            There have been numerous events over recent months looking at what recovery could/should look like for our sector – but few that bring together such a wide-range of politicians; public sector reps; national intermediaries and national delivery organisations. For this reason, the more frontline organisations who can participate the better – using the opportunity to make their own voice heard about what is required to support them in contributing to the ‘recovery’ in their own particular communities. The event is free to attend and places are still available. If you’d like to book your place – see Registration Form

Reminder: We, along with others, have been exploring the possibility of piloting a ‘collective purchasing’ initiative – in a specific locality. This would involve Social Enterprise Network Scotland signing up to purchase items which social enterprises commonly require through Scotland Excel’s frameworks. This could include PPE, cleaning products or a range of other items. We have had a pretty decent response – and are now making a final push before analysing the feedback to date. We would be grateful if you could take 5 minutes to complete this survey – it would be a great help in assessing if there is demand for this service.


Last month, we highlighted some of the events taking place to mark the 10th anniversary of the work of the Yunus Centre at Glasgow Caley. All 10 events – to mark each year of the Centre – are now available to view (click on 10th anniversary tab). Following up on this, a 10 Year Review Document has also been produced – which covers the Centre’s achievements to date – as well as its plans for the future.


Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) is supporting a Scottish company providing PPE, workwear and safety equipment as part of its work in promoting the Circular Economy. The company involved is looking for opportunities to re-use equipment – and one of the opportunities identified is the creation of a PPE and workwear bank, on a similar model to a food bank. Ricardo Energy – who are carrying out the research on ZWS’ behalf – are looking for Scottish organisations that would be interested and would like to discuss this opportunity further. Ideally, the organisation would be located around the central belt and interested in a long-term partnership. If you are interested, please make contact asap with Julie Bonfait at Ricardo –


As part of Ready for Business’ work, our Director, Pauline Gordon, was the strategic lead for Public Social Partnerships (PSPs) in Scotland (2012-18). One of the first was HMP Low Moss PSP – a collaboration between Scottish Prison Service, community justice partnerships and third sector partners – to pilot a new approach to ‘throughcare’ support to those not eligible for statutory throughcare. Sadly, despite positive outcomes, Scottish Govt withdrew funding for this service at Low Moss. This overview has been published to highlight some of the learning from Low Moss PSP – and the factors that made this model effective.


Frontline News: SEN Members involved in the Events Industry will now have access to a £6m fund – to be administered via VisitScotland. Successful applicants will be eligible to receive a one-off grant of £10k:

SURF’s 2020 Annual Conference kicked off this morning with a session on Sustainable Climate and Economy. Further sessions are scheduled for Thurs, Sept 3rd; and Thurs, Sept 10th. See Booking Form:

Listen to this interview (47 mins) with Grassmarket Community Project’s Jonny Kinross – who shares his approach to leadership as well as his experiences in running innovative and successful social enterprises:

GCVS’ Our World Reimagined series begins on Wed, 1st Sept with Neil McInroy talking about Community Wealth Building’s contribution to a fairer Scotland with greater levels of wellbeing. See Bookings:

P4P’s latest Guest Blog is now available – Suzanne Orchard (Co-operative Development Scotland) explains potential benefits for social enterprises in adopting the Consortium Co-operative partnership model:

As social enterprises adapt their services in light of the Covid crisis, Edinburgh Remakery has already taken its own steps – discontinuing some and expanding others – to create the Leith E-Waste and Education Hub:


Dates for your Diary:

Sport and Health SEN: Wednesday, 9 Sept (10am) – Using Sport and Physical Activity to Promote Positive Mental Health’ will include various speakers about their approach and support which exists to help organisations develop programmes and initiatives on this topic. To book, email

Angus SEN: Wednesday,9th September – in partnership with Evaluation Support Scotland – will be hosting Learning to Tell Your Story – an introductory session on the basics of evaluation:

Aberdeen SEN: Friday, 11th Sept (11am) – looking at the 3 biggest challenges members face as they come out of lockdown; the support that is needed; and how the SEN can help. To book, email

Health SEN: Wednesday, 16th Sept (10.30am) – Anne Connor (Outside the Box) will talk about how smaller providers can play a bigger role in the world of health & social care. To book, email

Community Food SEN: Friday, 18th Sept (10.30am) – Opportunity for SEN members to discuss together challenges faced moving from Phase 3 to Phase 4 of Scotland’s Route Map. Contact


SE around the globe: There are numerous examples in Scotland where football clubs – both senior and others – are increasingly acting as community hubs – particularly, of late, in response to the impact of Covid on their local communities. This story, from Argentina, shows a similar approach from one of its most prestigious clubs – San Lorenzo – maybe best known here as the club of Pope Francis. As well as a long-standing relationship with its local community – providing jobs, youth grants and a soup kitchen – San Lorenzo has responded to the current crisis by providing space for testing for infection and providing beds for vulnerable groups in their community who need to isolate.


SEN Spotlight: Edinburgh Social Enterprise was one of the first SENs to be established – back in 2005. Today it has almost 150 members – who are able to access a range of services, like other local SENs, that include peer support; information and signposting; and facilitation of joint working – amongst others. Over the years, Edinburgh Social Enterprise has become increasingly engaged at a policy level in the city helping to shape and develop a series of SE Strategies for the city; having direct involvement in the City Region Deal; hosting a series of city-wide events; promoting SE in the city via their Buy the Good Stuff campaign; as well as building a range of international connections. Staff are currently active in supporting members with the challenges being faced in response to the Covid crisis. Here is Edinburgh SE’s 2020 Annual Report.

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