Scottish Govt Spending Plans and Draft Budget 2016-17

Scottish Govt Spending Plans and Draft Budget 2016-17
Scottish Government


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– ensuring Scotland continues as a world leader in support of social enterprise, to invest in, and develop, the sector.
– ensuring the third sector continues to play a key role in the support provided to communities and in the delivery of public services by protecting the core budget of the third sector within government. We value the work of the sector in all its diversity and this budget will enable investment in third-sector activity and infrastructure. 
– work with the third sector and business community to promote digital participation to provide the skills and confidence that people need to use and gain the benefits of digital technology; 


In 2016-17 we will:


– continue investment in the Third Sector to support the delivery of vital services to those children and families who need them most; 
– continue to support young people and adults facing barriers to employment, in partnership with the third sector and local authorities
– support third sector organisations and initiatives relating to drugs misuse in order to support safer communities. 


The remaining spend under the portfolio is focused on our overarching aims to create a fairer Scotland, support inclusive economic growth, and promote community empowerment and the participation of people in all aspects of Scottish life. Within this, we have prioritised funding: to support a major expansion of affordable housing supply as the first step to delivering 50,000 affordable homes in five years; to tackle fuel poverty and support our targets on climate change; to support the planning system; to regenerate and strengthen our communities; to support the third sector and develop social enterprises; to promote equality; to tackle poverty and develop our plans for a fairer Scotland; to mitigate the worst impacts of the UK Government’s welfare changes; and, to develop plans for our new social security powers. 


The third sector contributes to our economic growth, plays a crucial role in the drive for social justice and is key to the future of public service reform and delivery in Scotland. We are therefore maintaining our support for the sector with investment of £24.5 million in 2016-17. 


With this resource we will also be supporting the development of social enterprises, which are contributing to economic growth and to thriving communities with their social and environmental objectives and dynamic approach and vision. It will also support innovation and new thinking in social finance to support a vibrant and enterprising third sector, and through our match funding with the new ESF programmes will contribute to tackling poverty and social inclusion. Scotland is a world leader in social enterprise and we will be investing in support that enables it to flourish.



Empowering People and Communities


Inequalities in the power and influence different people have over matters that affect their lives can have a direct impact on their life chances and opportunities, and in the way that public services help them to achieve what they need. 


Empowering people and achieving greater democratic equality are, therefore, key parts of our Programme for Government and our spending plans to achieve a fairer Scotland and support economic growth.


As part of our approach to prevention, we want communities across Scotland to be able to participate in, and be able to take control of, the things which matter most to their wellbeing, whenever that is appropriate. 


In 2016-17 we will continue to invest in the Empowering Communities Fund, to ensure that communities are well equipped and supported to deliver long-term solutions that tackle poverty and inequality on their own terms, as part of our holistic approach to community-led regeneration.


We will work with different partners to develop the necessary secondary legislation and statutory guidance to bring the Community Empowerment Act to life, establishing new processes for participation requests and asset transfers which will enable community bodies to set the agenda in line with their own wishes and concerns.


We will also promote the use of participatory democracy approaches – such as participatory budgeting – across public services by co-designing a new ambition in line with the new Community Empowerment Act duty on participation. 


What the budget does


This budget helps in the drive for social justice and economic growth. It builds capacity, growth and sustainability of social enterprises across Scotland. It also supports the national and local infrastructure for the third sector, helps to grow the capacity and contribution of the third sector, and enables support for local volunteering.


Work will continue to align budgets and to maximise the impact of activity and support across communities and interests. The third sector will also have access to resources through other programmes including, for example, in education and housing.


In 2016-17 we will:


– support the development of social finance and social investment;
– provide match funding to support social enterprise and social innovation in tackling poverty and inequality through the new ESF programme; and
– maximise the impact of the third sector in public service reform and prevention, community empowerment, tackling poverty and inequality and developing innovative solutions to challenges facing communities