Scotland UnLtd announce competition winners

Scotland UnLtd announce competition winners


This week Scotland unLTD made their 3rd annual Level 2 investment awards. Six individuals shared a total of £101,000 to develop their social enterprises. 18 people were short-listed. The winners are as follows:

Standard Level 2 Award Winners – (winners who have already received a Level 1 Award from Scotland UnLtd)

Name: Andrew Fleming Brown
Project name: Clydeside Initiative for the Arts
Project Description: Multi functional arts & music workspace (Glasgow)
Award: £17,000

Name: Able Miller
Project name: Skills Innovation Centre
Project description: Cross continental recycling & training business (Glasgow)
Award: £17,000

Name: Neil McLean
Project name: Quit & Save
Project description: Smoking cessation programme (Stirling) 
Award: £17,000

Previous Millennium Award Winners – (who have already received a Millennium Award from a previous scheme un-related to Scotland UnLtd)

Name: Willie O’Hara
Project Name: Govnu’s Forge
Project Description: Silversmithing social enterprise (Glasgow)
Award: £20,000
Name: Claire Carpenter
Project Name: The Melting Pot 
Project Description: Flexible, shared workspace for agents of social change (Edinburgh)
Award: £20,000

Name: John Hancox
Project Name: The Cool Fruit Co.
Project Description: Social enterprise working with kids to retail fruit and promote healthy eating (Glasgow)
Award: £10,000