SE Network News Edition No.1

On Wednesday of this week – 1st July 2020 – the merger between Senscot and Social Firms Scotland (SFS) became official. The name of the new entity will now be Social Enterprise Network Scotland – pending consent from OSCR. This late change to the proposed name has come about as a result of concerns raised by Social Enterprise Scotland. The Board of our

SE Network News: Edition No.2

This week, Social Enterprise Network Scotland wrote to our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and her 11 Cabinet Secretaries – sharing the findings of our recent SE Reset week – via this SE Reset Briefing Paper. Our letter seeks to begin an engagement with the Scottish Cabinet on how each of its respective ‘departments’ intends to

SE Health & Wellbeing Newsletter – July 2020

Welcome to the first Social Enterprise Health & Wellbeing Newsletter arriving in your inbox from Social Enterprise Network Scotland. This is our official new name since merging with Social Firms Scotland at the start of the month.   We kicked off the month with a Community Food SEN Session ‘The Value of Collaboration in

SE Network News: Edition No.3

As Social Enterprise Network Scotland looks to bed in and begin to formalise its role as a strong representative body for front-line social and community enterprises in Scotland, we are also very conscious that our sector – let alone wider Scottish society – currently faces challenges

SE Network News Edition No.4

As Scotland continues to respond to Covid-19 and takes considered steps towards our country’s renewal and recovery, one thing that is certain is that the transition back to normality will be a gradual process and some sections of society and sectors

SE Network News Edition No.5,

The Sport SEN comprises more than 100 organisations involved in delivering sport and physical activities in local communities across Scotland. The most recent Sport SEN meeting – held on 22nd July – looked to address a number of the immediate issues being faced by these organisations

SE Network News Edition No.6

In June 2020, Scottish Govt published the Report of the Advisory Board on Economic Recovery –  ‘Towards a Robust, Resilient Wellbeing Economy for Scotland’. The Report, written in response to the Covid crisis, included specific reference to the central role our sector plays – citing its importance in contributing to Scotland’s social capital and its critical importance in

SE Health & Wellbeing Newsletter – August 2020

There are lots of opportunities to engage with other social enterprise via the wide range of virtual SEN sessions in the coming month listed below. Up until earlier this week, the numerous SEN sessions we’ve held since lockdown have all taken

SE Cultural & Tourism Newsletter – August 2020

Welcome to the August newsletter. I hope you’ve all managed to find some time to relax and be with the people you like best this summer. Keep staying safe. Please remember to send me updates for the next Newsletter and

SE & Sport Newsletter – August 2020

Welcome to August’s Sport Social Enterprise Newsletter July was a busy month for many social enterprises who were able to restart some delivery of sport and physical activity in line with Phase 3 of Scotland’s Route Map.  However, not all sports

SE & Employability Newsletter – August 2020

Our News Community Learning Exchange and Thematic Network Meetings Virtual Community Learning Exchange to Prep Table Scotland – September 17th (10-12, 1-3pm)Prep Table (who recently announced their merger with Scran Academy) is a social enterprise aiming to make the food

SE Network News Edition No.7

Within our social enterprise community in Scotland, ‘growth’ has always been a matter of some debate. The sector has regularly been encouraged to grow – create more jobs; become more sustainable; demonstrate greater social impact etc. This approach is often

SE Network News Edition No.8

In recent weeks, we have highlighted the difficulties being experienced by Sport SEN members – and other organisations running sport or leisure facilities – including particular concerns about the lack of any dedicated support funding for their sector – as

SE Network News Edition No.9

Next week – Wednesday 2nd September – sees CEIS host its annual SE Policy and Practice Conference. Due to obvious circumstances, the event will be taking place ‘remotely’ – and, understandably, the theme this year is very much focused on

SE & Sport Newsletter – September 2020

Welcome to September’s Sport Social Enterprise Newsletter It’s exciting to see so many sport social enterprises having opened their doors on Monday 31 August, or planning to re-open over the next month.  However, let’s not forget that there are still

SE Network News Edition No.10

This week saw the First Minister announce Scottish Govt’s Programme for Government – Protecting Scotland, Renewing Scotland. Headlines have predictably focused on the plans for IndyRef 2, however, there are a raft of other measures that, in the view of

SE Cultural & Tourism Newsletter – September 2020

September 2020 Welcome to the September newsletter. We are in the process of developing a new website and want to fill it with wonderful images from social enterprises across Scotland- if you have high quality images you can share please get

SE Network News Edition No.11

Social Enterprise Network Scotland is now in its third month and whilst our ‘settling in’ period is still with us, we have been fortunate, thanks to our staff, in being able to maintain our day-to-day activities relatively unhindered. Over the

SE Network News Edition No.12

Final details of Scottish Govt’s Community & Third Sector Recovery Programme is due to be announced over the next week or so. Information, to date, suggests that the £25m fund is being made available ‘to create the best conditions for

SE Network News Edition No.13

During our SE Reset week in May, mental health & wellbeing emerged strongly as one of the key themes – with social enterprises highlighting a range of issues relating to workforce; service users; and their wider community.  More recently, SCVO published its

SE Health & Wellbeing Newsletter – September 2020

During our SE Reset week in May, mental health & wellbeing emerged strongly as one of the key themes – with social enterprises highlighting a range of issues relating to workforce, service users, and their wider community.  More recently, SCVO

SE Network News Edition No.14

SENScot – on behalf of Sport SEN members – has written a follow-up letter to Joe FitzPatrick (Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing) – on the back of our original letter in late July 2020. Supporting the letter is

SE & Sport Newsletter – October 2020

Welcome to October’s Sport Social Enterprise Newsletter The partial re-opening of the sport and leisure industry is starting to shine a light on the true extent of the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Whilst some organisations have had an

SE Network News Edition No.15

SENScot has been supporting the Tourism SEN since 2016 – in response to the growing number of social and community enterprises active in this area. An important component of this is community tourism – an approach which puts local people

SE Network News No 16

Following on from SE Reset Week in May 2020, SENScot will be hosting ‘Restart and Rebuild Week’ – from Monday 16th November through to Friday 20th November. Bookings will open on Monday 19th October (see link above for fuller details and event programme). The week of online events – over 20 are scheduled - will be run in partnership with local and thematic SENs and other partners from across Scotland’s social enterprise community. They are being designed to address how, together, our sector can move towards recovery from the impact of Covid 19 – in the hope of informing, inspiring and connecting social enterprises from across the country. The Restart and Rebuild programme, as stated, will include a wide range of national and local organisations to help co-host individual sessions. Some of these are already open for bookings – and include GCU for the John Pearce Memorial Lecture ; The Melting Pot for The Future of the Office and Basic Income Conversation for Social Enterprise and Basic Income. See links to register

Employability Newsletter – October 2020

Our News SE Restart and Rebuild is taking place during the week of Monday 16 November hosted by SENScot, the local SEN’s and other partners to inform, inspire and connect social enterprises from across Scotland.  This follows on from SE Reset  which we held

SE Networks News No. 17

SENScot – via the Tourism SEN – will be running a new community-led tourism development project in South Ayrshire and Angus over the next 18 months. This ‘pilot’ will include the formation of local steering groups made up of community

Health & Wellbeing Newsletter – October 2020

Bookings for SENScot’s ‘Restart and Rebuild Week’ are now open. Starting on Mon 16th Nov, the programme is designed to inform, inspire and connect social enterprises from across the country – as we try and address, together, how we can move towards

SE Networks News No. 18

The TSI Network Scotland has published, this week, its Manifesto for Change – a document that outlines the third sector’s role in supporting the recovery from the impact of the Covid pandemic on communities across the country. The manifesto sets out its objective to

Sport Social Enterprise Network Newsletter – November

Following #SEReset which we hosted in May, we are planning another week-long series of online events called #RestartRebuild from Monday 16 – Friday 20 November.  These sessions are being run in partnership with Local and Thematic SEN’s as well as other partners from across

SE Networks News No. 19

SENScot’s work supporting the Tourism SEN has always had a focus on the particular role of the community-led approach – putting local people at the centre of the decision-making process to produce benefits for everyone in the community. One such example –

Cultural & Tourism Newsletter – November 2020

Welcome to the November newsletter. I hope you are all staying well and warm. Please remember to send me updates for the next Newsletter and SENScot bulletins and remember you can post events and jobs on the Senscot website. Sarah

SE Networks News No.20

Last week, SENScot was delighted to host – ‘A Conversation with Women in Social Enterprise’ with special guest Cabinet Secretary, Aileen Campbell. The event brought together 12 women leaders from across the sector in Scotland and sought to explore women’s

Employability Newsletter – November 2020

When this newsletter arrives in your Inbox, we’ll be around halfway through #RestartRebuild – a week long series of events aiming to Inform, Inspire and Connect social enterprise across Scotland. We had a great turnout and speakers for both our Young People

SE Networks News No. 21

This week’s ‘Restart and Rebuild Week’ has attracted over 700  attendees – participating in over 20 separate sessions – and ends tomorrow afternoon (Friday 20th at 2pm) with the SE Restart and Rebuild Finale.  Our programme has sought to inform, inspire and connect frontline

SE Health & Wellbeing Newsletter – November 2020

We are delighted with the response across the SENs to the latest Pockets & Prospect’s Project that we’re developing in collaboration with Scottish Communities for Health & Wellbeing (SCHW) and CHEX.  There are now approaching 50 social enterprise suppliers offering

SE Networks News No. 22

Pockets and Prospects 2020 gets underway over the next couple of weeks – and will run through until May 2021. This year’s programme – Collaborating in Communities to Improve Mental Health –  is funded by Scottish Govt via the Scottish Community Alliance (SCA). It is being hosted

Social Enterprise & Sport Newsletter – December 2020

It’s December!  This is the last sport newsletter of 2020 and with news hot off the press of vaccines being approved, hopefully 2021 will bring some semblance of life as we knew it before.  It’s certainly been a difficult year

SE Networks News No. 23

The response to the new 2020 Pockets and Prospects Programme – Collaborating in Communities to Improve Mental Health –  has been really encouraging. This year’s Programme focuses on addressing the emerging mental health and wellbeing needs (resulting from the Covid-19 crisis) within local communities.  Such

Cultural and Tourism Newsletter – December 2020

Welcome to the December newsletter.  What a year it’s been!  No one could have predicted last December what was to come and I hope during the struggles of the past few months that you have all found some enjoyable moments. 

SE Networks News No. 24

As we approach the end of a challenging year – on many levels – it seems appropriate to reflect on our activity over the last twelve months. 2020 has been, and always will be, associated with the Covid pandemic and

SE Network News – No 25

Last week, we highlighted some of our main activities during 2020. The year has been unlike any we have experienced – both in personal and working capacities – and, like everyone, we hope 2021 will be a whole lot better.

Social Enterprise and Employability Newsletter – December 2020

As this is the last employability newsletter of 2020, Janice and I just wanted to pay tribute to our members for the breathtaking speed, extraordinary resilience and unswerving commitment of your response to COVID – across communities, and for our

SE Network News – No. 26

We’d like to kick off the first newsletter of 2021 by wishing everyone a very happy new year. Clearly the challenges of 2020 remain with us – but, like everyone, hope that the coming months will bring some much-needed respite.

SE Cultural & Tourism Newsletter – January 2021

Welcome to the January newsletter.  Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break, found some time to rest and maybe even time to play in the snow.

SE Network News – No. 27

SENScot’s work supporting a Community-led Tourism pilot in South Ayrshire and Angus is now beginning to pick up pace. Already, local steering groups have been set up in both Girvan (South Ayrshire) and Brechin (Angus) – made up of representatives from the

Social Enterprise and Employability Newsletter – January 2021

We’d like to wish all our members, supporters and partners a happier and more positive 2021. All SEN Session: Apprenticeships 10-11am, Wednesday 10th February In the last Employability newsletter we highlighted a number of apprenticeship-related initiatives (eg, Pathways Apprenticeships, Apprenticeship Employer Grant)

SE Network News – No. 28

During 2020, as we were all trying to get to grips with the Covid pandemic and its impact on our lives, SENScot hosted two week-long events – in May, SE Reset Week – and, in November, Restart and Rebuild Week. The focus of

Social Enterprise Health & Wellbeing Newsletter – January 2021

A couple of things to highlight in this first Social Enterprise Health & Wellbeing Newsletter of the year – P4P is offering its Procurement Healthcheck consultancy service free of charge for the first 10 SEN members who sign up before

SE Network News – No. 29

The Social Renewal Advisory Board (SRAB) was set up by Scottish Govt in September 2020 – to come up proposals that can renew and transform Scotland once we start to emerge from the pandemic. SRAB’s work included a series of ‘community listening events’; ‘deep

Social Enterprise & Sport Newsletter – February 2021

Welcome to 2021 (I know we are a month in, but I think we should discount January and start again).  It feels like we’ve all been struggling to think of ways to optimistically welcome the New Year, and I think

SE Networks News – No. 30

Last week, we featured the publication of the Social Renewal Advisory Board (SRAB) Report on its findings following a consultation process that ran from last September until this January. The Report – If Not Now, When? –  identified three priority areas: Money and Work;

SE Cultural & Tourism Newsletter – February 2021

Welcome to the February newsletter.  I hope that you are all well and managing to find some positive moments during these strange months.  I’ve been out exploring our local woods and came across this old pool house with a beautiful

SE Network News – No. 31

A Scottish court decision last week could have significant implications for social enterprises in applying for charitable status. The New Lanark Trust’s application for charitable status for its two trading subsidiaries was refused, in 2018, by OSCR – on the grounds that

SE & Employability Newsletter – February 2021

We held a fantastically well attended session yesterday on NOLB, with speakers from Government alongside members’ input and experiences.  We are producing a report for Government to explore how social enterprises can play their full part in the delivery of

SE Network News – No. 32

Most readers will be aware that SENScot, in its current format, is the result of a recent merger of ‘old’ Senscot and Social Firms Scotland – which took place in July 2020. SENScot’s Director, Pauline Gordon, is one of the

Health & Wellbeing News letter – February 2021

You will see from this month’s newsletter that there are lots of learning and knowledge exchange opportunities coming up next month across a wide range of health and wellbeing related issues. Some of the requests received from SEN members so

SE Network News – No. 33

A couple of initiatives have caught our eye over the last week – both of which have a focus very much on the development, support and promotion of the role of women in enterprise in Scotland. The first – a collaboration

SE & Sport Newsletter – March 2021

Feels like spring has sprung this week, and hopefully getting outdoors will be more appealing! Last week the anticipated announcement was made around how, and when, Scotland will hopefully, and cautiously, begin to ease lockdown and lift restrictions.  It’s still