Make Your Local News Work

Make Your Local News Work
Carnegie Trust, By Dave Boyle
December 2013

The Challenge

The decline in the number of distinct local newspaper titles serving a specific local need has been well documented. Many titles have closed – more than 240 between 2005 and 20121. Of those that remain, most are operating at lower capacity and overwhelmingly lower levels of circulation. Daily titles have become weekly, whilst many weeklies have closed or merged with neighbouring publications to cover wider geographical areas. In short, fewer people are reading fewer titles produced by fewer people. This has serious implications for local civic society and community identity and cohesion.These problems have not yet, however, been matched by the identification of a sustainable, effective policy solution to support the local news sector. Ideas that have been floated include either enabling existing owners to reduce costs by developing local monopolies, or various degrees of public support on the grounds of local media’s vital role in a functioning democratic system. However, the challenges persist. Through this project the Carnegie UK Trust and Co-operatives UK invite you to help us find a solution.

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