Jennifer Rubin – The Washington Post

Jennifer Rubin, columnist at the Washington Post, has put up a typically blistering piece today. She seems extremely confident we are heading to a Biden presidency, and writes:

Biden and Harris appear to have won despite a right-wing media universe willing to distort, deny and lie about verifiable facts and despite a mainstream media that was far too restrained in calling a lie a lie and in preventing President Trump from using their platforms to spread abject falsehoods.

Biden will also be the seventh Democrat in the past eight elections to have won the popular vote, once more illustrating the degree to which our system has departed from the basic concept of majority rule.

Had Republican lawmakers allowed Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to begin tabulating votes a week or so ago, we likely would have known all this late Tuesday night or early Wednesday. Trump’s predictable claims that he was cheated had one salutary effect: He finally provoked some Republican lawmakers and Fox News commentators to recover some sense of responsibility and acquaint themselves with reality by debunking the notion that voting should stop.

There are deep problems in America that stem from one party’s refusal to operate in the factual world in favor of a world that allows ignorance and resentment to shape political views. I will have much to say in the coming days about what we do about that. But if the country wanted someone who would beat Trump and heal the country, it picked the right guy.