Good in the Wood

Good in the Wood
Hill Holt Wood
April 2013

Hill Holt Wood celebrates 10 years as a social enterprise 2002 – 2012

In 1995, Nigel and Karen Lowthrop were a new couple with a dream. They wanted to find a woodland and turn it into a sustainable community space and run it as a business. The best option they could find was the somewhat derelict 34-acre Hill Holt Wood site on the borders of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. It wasn’t long before they’d moved into a small caravan on the site and transformed the space for locals.

By 2002, the business was fully up and running as a sustainable community woodland being used for alternative education, job training and much more. That year, they decided to turn Hill Holt Wood into a social enterprise, handing over management to a board to ensure the place continued to be run for the good of its community.

They lived in the caravan with their two children until 2005, before all moving into the eco house they’d built in the wood.

This collection of articles shows how Nigel Lowthrop’s original dream of running a sustainable woodland for the community has not only come true, but has exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations.

The wood has gone from employing one person to 30, from its first contract, to turning over £1 million, and won a clutch of environmental and social awards.

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