Criminal Records

Criminal Record is a record label and for ex-offenders and artists who’re prepared to give of their time to help those who are in, or have come through, the criminal justice system.

The label will develop and give a platform to talented musicians, most of whom would never get the opportunity to be heard owing to criminal convictions.

The aim is to transform traumatic lives by identifying and nurturing promising artists.  As well as pushing artists, a big part of the label’s mission is to equip musicians to promote and support themselves.

We will do this through offering the following (most of which can be delivered both in and outside of prison since it’s important to connect with people who’re preparing for release):

  • songwriting workshops
  • vocal coaching workshops
  • courses in communication (both written and oral)
  • courses in confidence and how to make a positive personal impact
  • courses in online marketing
  • courses in video production
  • courses in public relations
  • a producer and production facilities
  • professional PR support to draw attention to artists, as well as the distinctive work of the label
  • management support

At the heart of Criminal Record is a desire to restore dignity, build self-esteem, self-agency and a sense of purpose.

We want to encourage and enable people to make a positive contribution to society.  As well as personal and professional development, improving health and well-being is a key aim.

Another goal of our work will be to bring people together, promoting understanding and uniting individuals thus creating cohesion and helping to establish stronger, safer, communities.  By this we mean building bridges with the public.

This project is working with others towards tackling and positively impacting:


– social exclusion and stigma

– mental health and well-being

– criminal justice challenges: rehabilitation, educational motivation and education

– self-confidence and belief

– community cohesion

– poverty

– employment for those facing multiple deprivation factors