Scottish Community Alliance

Scottish Government funds the Scottish Community Alliance. Each year, we submit a plan of what we propose to do and on that basis we receive a grant. It’s a contract of sorts and one which applies to many parts of the voluntary and community sector.  In return for the funding, Government is effectively buying our know-how and skills to help achieve one or other of its policy objectives. But herein lies a problem.  What if, over time, we begin to find ourselves at odds with the direction of Government policy?  


The obvious answer would be not to take the money but can anyone remember an offer of funding being refused? These concerns are generating heated debate south of the border, where some parts of the sector believe that their leaders have lost their way by accepting large Government contracts to deliver Coalition policies that in the past would have been fiercely opposed. The complete absence of this debate in Scotland could well mean that our sector is wholly aligned with Scottish Government priorities. 
On the other hand, just occasionally, perhaps we should ask ourselves whether that assertion holds true. If it can happen in England, it can happen here.


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