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Since 2004, we have accumulated and curated an archive of over 12,000 news articles, comment pieces, academic research and newspaper editorials which relate to social enterprise in Scotland and further afield.

Our archive offers an overview of the development of the social enterprise community in Scotland and is fully searchable, making it a valuable and unique resource.

Other themes strongly featured in the archive include community empowerment, regeneration, localism, new economics, land reform, recycling, community enterprise and local democracy.

Use our archive’s search function to find news, opinion and research about social enterprise and community issues relevant to you.

Senscot Bulletin
19th December 2003

Senscot Bulletin 19-12-2003

SENSCOT MEMBER’S BULLETIN No. 209, FRIDAY 19th DECEMBER 2003     Dear members and friends,   There are 54 names on my Xmas card list.  This year four flitted - three separated -…
Bulletin Articles
19th December 2003

Social Enterprise Unit – A Change In 2004

Social Enterprise Unit - A Change In 2004     (e-mail from Barbara Philips to Social Enterprise Coalition, 19.12.03)   I am now able to confirm what some of you may already have heard r…
Senscot Bulletin
12th December 2003

Senscot Bulletin 12-12-2003

SENSCOT MEMBER’S BULLETIN No. 208, FRIDAY 12th DECEMBER 2003   Dear members and friends,   Chucking out stuff last week - including 200 folders, files, reports dated 1990-2000 - ten ye…
Senscot Bulletin
5th December 2003

Senscot Bulletin 05-12-2003

SENSCOT MEMBER’S BULLETIN No. 207, FRIDAY 5th DECEMBER 2003   Dear members and friends,   Back from Spain with a cough - but no finca, yet.  The white villages (pueblos) around Ro…