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Interested in the Community-Led Tourism project in Brechin? 📢 See the link below for our interview with Rachel Benvie - highlighting the lessons learned, challenges and successes of the project. #communityledtourism #socent #scotland #tourism…

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Since 2004, we have accumulated and curated an archive of over 12,000 news articles, comment pieces, academic research and newspaper editorials which relate to social enterprise in Scotland and further afield.

Our archive offers an overview of the development of the social enterprise community in Scotland and is fully searchable, making it a valuable and unique resource.

Other themes strongly featured in the archive include community empowerment, regeneration, localism, new economics, land reform, recycling, community enterprise and local democracy.

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Senscot Bulletin
30th May 2003

Senscot Bulletin 30-05-2003

SENSCOT MEMBER’S BULLETIN No. 180, FRIDAY 30th MAY 2003   Dear Members and friends,   Coming home from Spain last Saturday we boarded the aircraft at noon - but it didn’t move.  Aft…
Senscot Bulletin
23rd May 2003

Senscot Bulletin 23-05-2003

SENSCOT MEMBER’S BULLETIN No. 179, FRIDAY 23rd MAY 2003   Dear Members and friends,   All southern Spain is enjoying a heatwave this week - Seville itself, though, is too hot. On Wedne…
Senscot Bulletin
16th May 2003

Senscot Bulletin 16-05-2003

SENSCOT MEMBER’S BULLETIN No. 178, FRIDAY 16th MAY 2003     Dear Members and friends,   I’ve a pathologist friend who won’t eat eggs in the UK because, she says, of the high …
Senscot Bulletin
9th May 2003

Senscot Bulletin 09-05-2003

SENSCOT MEMBER’S BULLETIN No. 177, FRIDAY 9th MAY 2003     Dear Members and friends,             In superstore on Monday buying ink cartridges for my printer.  3 cartridg…
Senscot Bulletin
2nd May 2003

Senscot Bulletin 02-05-2003

SENSCOT MEMBER’S BULLETIN No. 176, FRIDAY 2nd MAY 2003     Dear Members and friends,   I am addicted to strong black coffee and my working day is punctuated by ‘hits’ of caff…